Future Jock
Season 1, Episode 11
Future Jock (2)
Air date: June 18, 2004
Written by: Tim Maile & Douglas Tuber
Directed by: David Kendall
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"Unification Day"
"Age Before Beauty"
Future Jock is the 11th episode of season one of Phil of the Future.


Keely's crush, Tanner, is cheating on her. When Darcy, the other girl, asks about Tanner, Phil morphs into Tanner and kisses her privately. Phil tries to tell Keely but she thinks that he's just trying to break them up. After seeing Darcy return to kiss Tanner, Keely learns the truth and apologizes to Phil. Meanwhile, Pim tries to break up Debbie and Bradley because they annoy her with their love talk. She tricks Debbie into thinking that Bradley hit on her causing Debbie to throw a pie in his face. Debbie then wants Bradley back and asks Pim to train her to be just like Pim. In the end, Bradley ends up really liking Pim.


Main CastEdit

Future Gadgets Featured or MentionedEdit

  • Instamorph: A device with the ablity to scan and transfrom the desired target, morphing them into anything they like. Phil uses this to transform into Tanner to see if Tanner is cheating on Keely.