The Wizrd concests of three polymorphic substances that make the wizrd techonolgy so advanced in reality bending

The Molelucluar Bonds between the wizrds small particle accelerator located inside colide to create signals of darkmatter that conteracts with the universal matter and seperates them and then reasemble them into say from a keyboard to a ham sandwich as an example.

Ricky Sing concived the idea while in high school but the prototype was more then just a big box and nothing else then a remote but after long hours and 15 painstaking years the first fully funcitonal wizrd was avalble for market thought it costed 18,000 Dollars at the time they went quick,

Most wizrd tech. was concived later on up into the year 2121 so his funding on his multi-personal eletronic assestent took place shortly after the big sucess and he became C.E.O for 23 years.