Phil of the Future logo from opening titles

Phil of the Future is an American situation comedy that originally aired on Disney Channel from June 18, 2004, to August 19, 2006 for a total of two seasons. Disney Channel has removed Phil of the Future website, video section, and related items on On January 1, 2009 the crew and directors finally ceased production of the show. It currently airs on Disney XD.

The series was created by Tim Maile and Douglas Tuber and produced by 2121 Productions, a part of Brookwell McNamara Entertainment.


While on a time travel vacation, teenager Phil Diffy and his seemingly average family from the year 2121 get stranded in present day (2004 at the start of the series). While waiting to return home, the Diffys struggle to keep their actual identities secret while Phil and his incorrigible little sister Pim adjust to a new home. Phil finds a trusted friend in neighbor Keely and together they navigate their school campus, grappling with the same thing that teenagers of all time must face — fitting in.

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