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While on a time travel vacation, teenager Phil Diffy and his seemingly average family from the year 2121 get stranded in present day (2004 at the start of the series). While waiting to return home, the Diffys struggle to keep their actual identities secret while Phil and his incorrigible little sister Pim adjust to a new home. Phil finds a trusted friend in neighbor Keely and together they navigate their school campus, grappling with the same thing that teenagers of all time must face — fitting in.

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Phil Diffy, the main protaganist of the series, is a 15-year-old boy that got trapped in the year 2004. He went to a present-day school called H.G. Wells Junior and Senior High School and befriended a girl named Keely Teslow. Phil deeply valued Keely's friendship, yet there were more and more hints that he wanted a romantic relationship with her. Yet he had difficulty figuring out how he felt, let alone expressing his feelings to her, leading to many awkward, but sweet, moments throughout the series. His family includes his sister Pim Diffy, his mom Barbara Diffy, his dad Lloyd Diffy, and his great-great grandfather Kyle Speckle. He is best described as an easy-going, kind person who is also highly intelligent.

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