Vice Principal Neil Hackett is the vice principal of H.G. Wells Junior and Senior High School alwa
Neil Hackett
ys in a sweater vest, even when out of school. Apparently at some point in time he was in the army. He is very paranoid about aliens and when on screen almost always tries to prove the Diffys are aliens or tries to uncover their secret. He was born in Wookstock, New York 1969 in a drumcircle, which was discovered by Pim via her wizard.  He is also very senstive about his baldness, always trying methods to cure his baldness. Always getting pranked by Kyle Speckle who he eventually expells from the high school. He has had an unpleasant run-in with Curtis. When he is not fulfilling his duties as vice principal, he teaches, his specialty being math.  He is very easily fooled despite his assertions to the contrary.  He has problems with the ladies and displays both low and high self-esteem when it comes to the opposite sex.  He has a dog named Roswell. He's portrayed by J.P. Manoux.
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