Ms. Winston is Pim Diffy`s teacher. She is played by Suzanne Krull. The sound effect of a whip is almost always played during scenes with Ms. Winston due to her tendency to crack out orders and statements with the feeling of a whip.  Her style of speaking is dramatic, usually leading to Pim and Phil making faces at least once while she speaks to them.  She has shoulder-length straight brown hair, a slim face and body and piercing brown eyes.  

Ms. Winston's specialty is writing.  She teaches creative writing and a handwriting class for children, which included Phil in one episode due to handwriting being almost obsolete in 2121.  

She is quite competitive, as is seen when she is depending on Pim winning the creative writing competition.  

She has an affection for purses, proven when she brings a stylish purse to the Diffy's home.  

When a student behaves, she lets her guard down and seemingly acts more like a normal human being, examples being conversing with Pim when she shows up to school early and smiling at Lana and giving compliments when she concludes a story.  


Pim's been absent 38 times. -Winston to Curtis