Milkin' It
Season 1, Episode 7
Future Jock (2)
Air date: March 25, 2005
Written by: Rachelle Romberg
Directed by: Savage Steve Holland
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"Pheremonally Yours"
"We'll Fix It In Editing"
Milkin' It is the 7th episode of season one of Phil of the Future.


Lloyd thinks that Phil's science project will lead to their discovery, and decides they must move. To prevent this, Phil and Keely disguise themselves to fool the science fair security guard. Things are not going well, but Phil's dad shows up and saves the situation.


Main CastEdit

Future Gadgets Featured or MentionedEdit

  • Cinespecs: A seemingly pair of sunglasses that allow their wearer to play a library of movies with theater quality picture and sound.
  • Milk Engine: Invented by Amerigo Pelsoi in 2075 after the earth had ran out of oil. The engine is not elaborated on how it works but it runs solely on low-fat milk.
  • DNA Scrambler: Seen as Lloyd was working on it with his futuristic tools.
  • Future Tools: Used by Lloyd to seemingly fix or tune the DNA scrambler.