Future Tutor
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date: August 13, 2004
Written by: Tim O'Donnell
Directed by: Neal Israel
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Future Tutor is the first episode of season one of Phil of The Future.


Phil and his family are stuck in the 21st century. Not knowing when they'll return to their homes, Pim and Phil go to school. Pim becomes her class' chalk monitor, while Phil tutors Keely in Algebra and teaches her to be accepting of people outside her clique; Pim runs against Debbie in an election for chalk monitor.


Main CastEdit


Future Gadgets Featured or MentionedEdit

  • Scanylizer: Used by Lloyd to pick out a set of clothes for Pim and Phil, hialriously shifting from Amish clothing to scuba gear. Projects them out into a hologram.
  • Fleet Flyer 6000 Time Machine: The Diffys time machine unexpectedly breaks down as the patriarch of the Diffys tries to fix it. Has a camouflage feature which transforms the outside into a goofy looking 21st century RV, which conceals the inside, which is not and fully 22nd century standard.
  • Homework Helmet: The way kids in the future go to school, using a helmet with a large visor that displays a digital teacher that teaches the students while they lay down in a chair. Also features ads as well when used.
  • Cheezeola: A bubbly soda of the future, made with the flavour of cheese.
  • Spray Food: A device of the future that allows a person to literally spray their food out, which starts as foam and reconstitutes itself into the desired food. Barb used the Brownie spray can to spray Pim some brownies.
  • Wave Generator (Time Machine Part) Exact purpose unknown.
  • Anomaly Sequencer (Time Machine Part) Exact purpose unknown.
  • Nitrogen Booster (Time Machine Part) Exact purpose unknown. Seems to boost nitrogen to some degree.