Future Jock
Season 1, Episode 2
Future Jock (2)
Air date: August 13, 2004
Written by: Adam Lapidus

& Steve Luchsinger

Directed by: David Kendall
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"Future Tutor"
"Corner Pocket"
Future Jock is the 2nd episode of season one of Phil of the Future.


Phil uses a futuristic gadget to join the gymnastic team and competes in the gymnastics tournament to impress Keely; Pim tries to get Phil in trouble.


Main CastEdit


  • J.P. Manoux as Neil Hackett
  • Eric Allen Kramer as Coach Buchinsky

Future Gadgets Featured or MentionedEdit

  • Penny Missle: A device that stores and builds up kinetic energy, which can be released into a large burst that propels anything attached to it.
  • Ultra Sonic Laser Light: Used to clean dishes in the future by throwing the dishes into the air as it seems to dissitgrate the dishes.
  • Thompsons Nose Mold Kit: A kit used by Lloyd for his nose. Phil uses this to unlock the lock in the time machine holding all the future gadgets.