Debbie Berwick; Phermonally Yours

Debbie in the episode "Phermonally Yours."

Deborah Hortence Berwick was Pim Diffy's enemy as she was "perfect" and Pim despised that. It was found out that Debbie Berwick was living with her grandmother and six cats, her curfew was 6 o‘clock and she can hold a note for a long time.

In the episode, 'Halloween,' it was revealed that she’s one of the Sugar and Spice 800 cyborgs from the future. They were supposed to be "super sweet and giving and make the world a better place," but something had malfunctioned. Over time, they would become crazier and crazier, until their sweetness turned into evil. Apparently, the cyborgs had a problem of overheating, due to their evilness. They were all then sent to the 21st century.

It was also revealed that the two things that got her mad were "naughty nibblers" and chihuahuas.

Debbie is played by Kay Panabaker, who‘s the sister of former DCOM stalemate Danielle Panabaker, and currently stars as Daphne Powell in the ABC adventure series "No Ordinary Family."

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